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Stories and Feedback


Stolen by Seals

My girlfriend and I both volunteer at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. One of the things we get to do is dive in the Seals & Sea Lions tank. Yesterday, we brought an AquaDisc with us to see how they'd react. After getting permission from the trainer to take it in (she wanted to make sure they couldn't shred it), Betsy went in with the AquaDisc and gave it a fling.

At first the sea lions weren't too interested. So Betsy would go about her duties and would pick it up and fling it again. After about five minutes, one of the juveniles decided this was a good thing and went over and grabbed the AquaDisc. He'd swim with it, drop it, pick it up, and actually seemed to be flinging it a few feet by snapping his head while it was in his mouth.

Bottom line - we couldn't get it back. They seem to have had a good time with it and have hidden it somewhere within their exhibit.

Ken at Reef Seekers in Beverly Hills

Dive Instructor in Mountain View, CA

I used the AquaDiscs in the pool last night and they were a real hit.  Everyone enjoyed them and I think they worked in two ways.  First, some of the more nervous people became less nervous and second I think some of them may have improved their buoyancy control a bit.  I'll make sure they get added to the slates in a couple of appropriate places.

Doug in Mountain View

Customer in Texas

I wanted to let you know that I received your products and they are lots of fun. They are good additions to my pool toy collection and I will look forward to telling all my friends. 

Stephen in Texas

Customer in Seattle

As feedback, I ordered a box of discs on Tuesday from your website. The order form was very easy to use and took me no time at all to complete the order. I received a confirmation email the same day, and actually received my order three days later, on Fri. just after noon, having selected the 3 day UPS delivery method. It was a piece of cake -e-commerce at its finest. I would recommend it to anyone.

Rob in Seattle


- Aquatoy