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 Aquatoy creates fun & innovative swimming pool toys and pool games!

AquaDisc Water Toy


Aquatoy announces our newest pool toy, the Glow AquaSquid. Glides underwater like a real squid and uses Power Glow sticks for long lasting bright glow.



Tee off with AquaSkimmer Golf, the fast action pool game! Floating Golf Goals offer unique game variations with fun skimming challenges.


The AquaDisc offers a whole new way to have fun  in the water.  See our complete line of AquaDisc water toys. 

Enjoy fast paced action on the surface of the water with the AquaSkimmer or try Skimmer Golf for hours of competitive fun in the pool! The Skimmer Hockey swimming pool game makes a great gift!

Read about the latest AquaDisc adventures and customer feedback here.

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