Aquatoy, Inc. Finds Cure for “Summertime Blues”

 Aquatoy, Inc. Goes “Fore”-ward with Water Sport Game Additions

SEATTLE, Washington -- February 5, 2003 --  Summer is still around the corner, but kids of all ages have already booked first class seats on a one way flight to the wonderful land of TV.  Make this summer different from last year.  Create a wave this season and splash into summer with Aquatoy®’s water sport games, AquaSkimmer Golf™ and AquaDisc Hoop™!  Swimmers of all ages will be able to experience fun in and on water with Aquatoy’s exciting new additions.  Challenge friends to a skimming game of AquaSkimmer Golf or create new ways to explore underwater fun with AquaDisc Hoop.  With AquaSkimmer Golf and AquaDisc Hoop no one will be suffering from the summertime blues!

 Aquatoy is ready to tee off this summer with AquaSkimmer Golf!  Never before has anyone played golf in the water - until now.  AquaSkimmer Golf is a new, revolutionary water sports game that mixes the precision of a regular golf game with a splashing twist of fun.  The objective of AquaSkimmer Golf is to target Golf Goals™ in number order using an AquaSkimmer®.  When the Golf Goals’ paddle is hit it swings indicating that a player scored.  Swimmers can challenge others to various course set-ups with the floating Golf Goals that are versatile and offer many game variations.  Players can perfect the recommended Golf Goals set-up or create their own.  AquaSkimmer Golf offers kids something to look “fore”-ward to playing in the pool this summer! 

 Swimmers can experience underwater fun like never before with AquaDisc Hoop.  Playing underwater has never been so exciting!  The AquaDisc Hoop offers swimmers a chance to prove their skills underwater and provides hours of fun .  AquaDisc Hoop can be used as a target to practice one’s AquaDisc® throwing technique or to challenge friends at underwater games.  This easy to assemble accessory comes with a mesh bag that makes AquaDisc Hoop portable enough to take on every vacation.  AquaDisc Hoop, summer fun won’t be complete without one!

 About Aquatoy, Inc.

The AquaDisc revolution began when inventor Wink Thorne was participating in a dolphin communication study.  He spent hours in the dolphin tank using a bowling ball to play underwater catch with a dolphin named Joe.  This inspired Thorne to create a toy that would enable people to play games underwater as well and he created the first AquaDisc prototype as part of his Senior Design project at Stanford University. Today’s AquaDisc is the result of many years perfecting the product. Thorne’s unique, patented hydrodynamic technology achieves amazing performance below the water’s surface.  Aquatoy was founded in April 1999.  Thorne holds 18 US patents.  

 Aquatoy offers demo videos of their products in action, as well as a retail locator. Both are available at

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  Aquatoy offers demo videos of their products in action, as well as a retail locator. Both are available at

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