New Pool Creature is Unleashed by Aquatoy, Inc.

Aquatoy, Inc. explores sea-life with the new AquaSquid™


SEATTLE, Washington – Date Nov 3, 2003-   Swimmers beware:  The newest sea creature has been unleashed and is spreading fun in pools throughout the country.  Aquatoy, Inc., a  leading manufacturer of innovative water toys today announced the release of the new AquaSquidTM, the water creature toy that can fly through water up to 30 feet.  Catch the fun of the AquaSquid, before it catches you! 


The AquaSquid, is a new advanced underwater throw toy based on the hydrodynamic design of a real squid!  The AquaSquid offers a great combination of valuable knowledge and endless play.  The design of the AquaSquid allows swimmers of all ages to explore the structure and movement of a real squid.  This 12” long squid is made of durable plastic and is perfect for catch, aiming for underwater targets like the AquaDisc Hoop or inventing new games in the water.


For great nighttime play, have a “radiant” time with Glow AquaSquid!  The Glow AquaSquid is the first AquaSquid product to be released and uses a standard 4” glow stick and glows up to 6 hours.  This “power glow” TM version of the Glow AquaSquid lights up the pool as it soars underwater.  One glow stick is included.  Refill packs of 5 glow sticks are available separately.


“It has been a tough challenge to develop a toy based on the real squid and we built dozens of prototypes to make it right, but we think the appeal and fun play of this new toy will make it a real winner in the pool“, said Aquatoy president Wink Thorne. The AquaSquid is more dynamic than traditional throw toys which just tend to go straight. The AquaSquid actually flies underwater and depending on how it is thrown, can be made to perform a variety of turns and tricks.


The suggested retail price for the Glow AquaSquid is $9.95 and it will be available in Feb 2004. The glow stick refill packs will be available for $5.95 suggested retail. Additional AquaSquid versions will be released in the near future. Please contact Aquatoy at 1-888-571-1609 for ordering and wholesale pricing information.


For additional underwater fun, use AquaDisc Hoop as an underwater target for AquaSquid and Glow AquaSquid.  Also check out Aquatoy’s other water sports games AquaSkimmer Golf and AquaSkimmer Hockey available at local retailers.


About Aquatoy, Inc.

The AquaDisc™ revolution began when inventor Wink Thorne was participating in a dolphin communication study.  He spent hours in the dolphin tank using a bowling ball to play underwater catch with a dolphin named Joe.  This inspired Thorne to create a toy that would enable people to play games underwater as well and he created the first AquaDisc™ prototype as part of his Senior Design project at Stanford University. Today’s AquaDisc™ is the result of many years perfecting the product. Thorne’s unique, patented hydrodynamic technology achieves amazing performance below the water’s surface.  Aquatoy was founded in April 1999.  Thorne holds 18 US patents.  

 Aquatoy offers demo videos of their products in action, as well as a retail locator. Both are available at  For more information call toll-free, 888-571-1609.

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