Aquatoy, Inc. was formed in the Spring of 1999 to develop water sports toys and accessories. It all started with a bowling ball and dolphins almost 17 years ago.

While working as an intern on the Janus dolphin communication research project Wink Thorne experienced a whole new underwater game. He would play catch with the two dolphins in the project, Joe and Rosie, using a bowling ball under the water. The dolphins could flip the ball with their tail and send it sizzling through the water. They would spend hours in the tank tossing the ball back and forth.

Six years later, while working on a senior thesis project at Stanford University, he recalled this experience and used it in developing a new water toy, the AquaDisc. After many years of experimentation and refinement, the AquaDisc was ready. The AquaDisc was released to production in the Fall 1999.

Now the game of underwater catch invented by dolphins is played by humans all over the world.

- Aquatoy